Technical material

Technical manuals and data sources

Technical manuals or text books

Jensen, J. R. (2005). Introductory digital image processing: a remote sensing perspective. Third edition, Prentice Hall: 316.

Lillesand, T.M., Kiefer, R.W. and Chipman, J.W. 2008. Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation. 6th Edition, John Wiley and Sons.

Data acquisition

The following is a brief list of data providers that the project team have acquired image data from for working in the coastal environment. It is not exhaustive. Users are referred to The Dec 2005 / Jan 2006 Edition of “Position”, the journal of the Australian Spatial Sciences Institute for its listing of image data providers.

Geosciences Australia:
National Earth Observation Group
Digital Globe (Quickbird, Worldview 2, Ikonos)
SPOT Imaging Services Australia
AAM Group (Airborne lidar and photography)
Hyvista (Hymap)
Terrestrial remote sensing toolkit

Free data

Google Earth
NASA – Near Real Time MODIS
NASA - Land Processes Distributed Archive
USGS Landsat Archive
Earth Science Data Interface
Millenium Coral Reef Project
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

Time series image analysis

Time series image analysis (all data)